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Hello and welcome to the website for Total Choice Photography. I am an hobbyist Photographer currently working in and around Chesterfield. I take Photographs of a range of subjects including but not limited to Animals, Scenery and Architecture but I specialise in Equestrian Photography!

I am currently looking for a select number of riders in my area for FREE photoshoots! If you are interested then please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

You might be asking yourself "Why the name total choice?". Well, the reason for this is that most Photographers tend to be pushy and arrogant, in fact at the time of writing this, if you type "Why are Photographers" into Google, some of the top suggestions are "expensive" and "arrogant" (proof). This is because most Photographers are looking to improve their portfolio, and taking Photographs that the model actually wants, wouldn't usually showcase their work.

In some Photoshoots, the models can actually look 'stiff' and 'self conscious' as the Photographer will tell them to undertake poses that they aren't particularly comfortable with. That is where TCP comes in, I have the patience to make sure you get great photos! You can pick the poses, you can pick the location, you can pick your makeup, you can pick your clothes ... That's Total Choice!

About Me

Here you can find out all about me such as the things I'm into and the things I like.

My love for Photography started at a young age, in fact I used to go around and take photos of pretty much anything. Our photo albums are full of photos of everything from BT telephone boxes to people we don't even know (I was young!). Although back then it would of been considered weird, with the availability of Instagram and Facebook, photos of completely random objects is all the range now, so it's nice to know that something I was doing a decade ago is actually considered a fad by teenagers of today! Yes, I'm talking about you the people who take photos of your dinner in restaurants!

In fact, when I was at high school and we got to choose our options, a lot of us put down to do "Leisure and Tourism" and due to the high demand they had to ask people to state their intentions of why they wanted to undertake this particular study. Many people only wanted to do it to go on the trips that we had to do so see things like tourism, customer service etc in public. I specified on mine that I wanted to be a Photographer. Although I love doing Photography, at school I had no intention of entering this path and was more interested in becoming a horse riding instructor.

I'm always learning and I'm always trying new things. Everyone at some point will think they don't have the ability to amount to anything, but practice does make perfect. Remember, all these singers, footballers etc started out by doing what they loved to do and eventually through hard work and patience managed to get a name for themselves.

Besides photography I have other hobbies including horse riding (obviously!) web design, listening to music, playing video games, listening to audio books, reading and tinkering with things (computers, electrics, cars etc)

Me on Ben

I do things differently

Total Protection

Accidents happen, we all know that. Your home could flood or burn down, your computer hard drive could fail or your phone could be lost / stolen. With TCP, once you have purchased one our digital downloads, it yours for life! We backup all our systems in multiple places meaning we will always be able to retrieve any photos that you previously purchased! This is totally FREE, no admin fee or similar, all you have to do is get in touch! Bought prints that have been defaced / destroyed? Get them back too at over 50% off the previous price*

* Prints can't be free as unlike digital copies they have to be re-printed which costs me.

No Attendance Fee

Unlike man other photographers, I do not charge by the hour for photo shoots! No matter if I am there for 2 hours or 6 hours there is no fee!



Services and Prices

Photo Shoots

I offer a range of services for all things Equestrian, a brief list can be found below

  • Just your horse
  • Cuddling
  • Grooming
  • Riding
  • Lunging
  • Equestrian Fashion

Find cheaper prices else where? I'll beat them!

  • Digital Download - £1.50
  • Bulk Digital Download 25% off total individual price of all selected photos
  • 6 x 4 print - £2.00
  • 6 x 8 print - £2.80
  • 10 x 8 print - £3.60
  • 12 x 8 print - £4.60
Other print sizes may be available, get in touch for details.


I aim to attend any events you want (dependent upon availability) whether it's a riding club, a fun ride or even a private event at your yard. Photo prices are the same as above.


I am happy to undertake all types of commercial work (I.E. Magazines, horses and products for sale and even Equestrian services)


I am happy to undertake charity work for Equestrian activities free of charge (I.E. Rescue Centers)


Not sure what activities each shoot involves? Look no further!

Just your horse - These can be photos featuring (as the name suggests) just your horse! These can be whilst they're loose in the field, school or whilst you're holding them but standing out the shot (providing your horse will stand still!)

Cuddling - These can be photos featuring the bond between you and your horse! For example, some horses will happily lie down in the field and let their owners lie down with them! (What better way to show a bond, eh?)

Grooming - These can be photos featuring you grooming / washing your horse! As crazy as it probably sounds, some people do indeed like photos like this (although even as a rider I'm not sure why but I imagine it helps in showing a bond between owner and horse)

Riding - These are the photos where you can let your imagination run wild! Riding, Jumping, Gymkhana, Dressage and everything in between. Whether it's a simple plod around the ménage, a hack around the local Bridlepath or just doing some games (around the world anyone?) bareback!

Lunging - These can be photos featuring your horse being lunged which is great for some shots of your horse in motion, especially if they are not the calmest of horses when someone's on their back!

Fashion - These photos can be a mixture of all the others, only this time as the name suggests, you'll need to be wearing something a bit more glamorous than your normal everyday riding outfit! (It's like dressage but without the judges sat in a car beeping their horn!)

I am open to other ideas as well so feel free to pitch them to me!

Terms of Service

We all hate them, hardly anyone reads them but we all need them! We're talking about the Terms of Service, the small print of course. By using this website or any services on offer, you agree to be bound by the following terms.


Sometimes, relevant forms will need to be filled out before, during or after the session and signed by the client (and where needed, the clients parent or legal Guardian). This will then be copied over to a computer system for archiving purposes. I will never sell, trade or pass on by any means customers personal data unless required by law to do so. Every Photographer has to get their clients to fill out these forms, and by signing them you agree that the Photographer owns the rights to the Photographs to sell, trade or publish in anyway he or she deems necessary (separate forms are needed to grant permission to sell to the adult industry but Total Choice Photography has no interest or desire in this).

Photo Sessions

Whilst I do not place restraints on how long sessions can last, and I do not charge by the hour like other Photographers there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • If you are taking advantage of a free photo shoot (often called TFP, TFCD of TFD) to confirm a booking, a payment of £5 may be required by PayPal. This will be refunded if the client arrives promptly, this is to help cover fuel costs in the case of a non arriving client. This will be refunded via PayPal rather than cash to avoid people opening disputes;
  • During animal sessions, I must be made aware of any aggressive behaviour your animal has had in the past (dogs biting or growling, horses biting or kicking etc);
  • Photos turn out best in natural daylight, you are advised to keep this in mind when choosing a place for a shoot;
  • I will apply personal judgement and cancel / cut short sessions due to extreme weather conditions (storms, heat, hail, snow etc);
  • I accept no liability for any injuries to the client resulting from the weather (sun burn, dehydration etc);
  • Bookings should usually be made a minimum of 4 days in advance (short notice bookings may be rejected);
  • You must tell me prior to the shoot commencing if there are any photos you want to avoid / pay particular attention too. Remember, you have total choice over the photos taken, so feel free to mention anything and everything;
  • No bookings on Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays due to other commitments.


Below are the T&C's for any competition you may enter on Facebook, DeviantART or other:

  • Winner must be located within close proximity (15-20 miles) to TCP;
  • Competitions where you receive some prints will not include a frame;
  • If entering a competition via Facebook, you must "like" my page. Also change your "Likes" privacy settings to public or like the status referring to the competition otherwise I won't be able to pick you as a winner due to privacy settings.


Here are some various pieces of information that you may like to know:

  • I do not charge extra for multiple shoots on the same day (I.E. if you have different horses).

Privacy Policy

Below I have listed out the information I may collect about you either whilst you use this website or whilst you enter information into any forms online or in person. Any information you provide to me will not be passed on or shared with any third-parties unless required by law to do so. I do not send out unsolicited E-Mail, Letters, Texts or Phone calls and I do not permit any third-party to do so either.

What I may collect - Website

Whilst using this website, I may collect information about your computer to help improve the site. The information that may be collected are as follows

  • Web Browser being used;
  • Operating System being used;
  • Your Internet Service Provider;
  • Your IP address;
  • Screen Resolution;
  • Your country of Residence.
If you fill in any forms such as the one on the Contact Page, I will only collect the information that the form asks you for (Name, E-Mail etc)

What I may collect - Forms

If you are ever asked to fill out any forms in person, they may ask you to provide the following information

  • Name;
  • Address;
  • Phone Number;
  • Signature(s);

Get in Touch!

Due to pesky spam bots constantly bombarding me with messages, there are now two ways to get in contact with me. Either Tweet me @TotalChoiceUK or send me a message or leave me a comment at on Facebook!


Q: How do I use this site?
A: I have updated the site to run in HTML5 using something known as a "responsive" layout which means no more going from page to page, it's all there on the main page making the site much more responsive.

Q: How do I navigate this site?
A: Very easily! There are no menus, no more pages, just scroll up and down!

Q: Why should I choose you?
A:I live in the 21st Century, offering digital downloads, prints and a load of other extras that no other Photographer can offer! For a full list, see my Services and Prices above.

Q: What can I do with the digital downloads?
A: You can print them out on your own printer, share them with friends and family and even upload them to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace! (Yes! MySpace is still going!)

Q: What type of events do you cover?
A: Just ask, I'm more than likely to cover it!

Q: I went through all your photos but couldn't find any of me, why is this?
A: Whilst I do try to take at least one photo of everyone sometimes this can be quite difficult. This can be caused by the weather (brief pause due to heavy rain) or even if events have multiple shows running at once (so for Equestrian events they could have the Dressage running at the same time as the Gymkhana so I would need to pick one or the other) it could also be down to you not being in my field of view (I.E. hidden behind an object)

Q: I downloaded a photo but it appears to be blurred, why is this?
A: Sometimes a photo can appear blurred even though it's not, this can be down to certain monitors/screens and how they are displayed. Most of the time you will find it is simply down to something known as the 'Focal Point'. This is the point in a photo (or painting) that our eyes are immediately drawn too as it is often the biggest, sharpest and most vibrant object in the photo. This can make everything else, especially the smaller things seem blurred when they're actually not. In Equestrian shots, the horse is usually the centrepiece due to its size which can often make the riders look blurry until you zoom in and realise that they're not. Some people might experience problems with viewing certain colours if you're viewing via HDMI instead of VGA. This will make pictures and even text appear very blurry (especially red!)

Q:I am on the left/right of the photo rather than in the centre, why is this?
A: This is called 'Off-Centre' and it was intended. Sometimes you end up with a better photo by making the main subject off centre rather than directly in the middle, so these are intended to be like this.

Q: Can you help me get ready for my shoot?
A: Of course! Apart from clipping I am fully experienced in working with all types of horses!

Q:Why do photos of moving objects in cloudy weather always look a lot worse than those taken in bright sunlight?
A: If you're ever unfortunate enough to have a photo shoot whilst there is low cloud coverage, you might be wondering why they turn out a lot worse than you're expecting. A camera relies mostly on three things to take an excellent snap all of which have to work together, these are aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Aperture is how big the hole is in the lens that the light has to travel through, this is known as F-Stops and the lower the number the more light gets through the lens. Think of it as the pupil in your eye, the more light there is the smaller your pupil is where as in low light conditions it's going to be much wider to let the extra light it needs in.

Shutter speed is how fast the sensor opens to capture your image. A camera shutter can range from being open for 30 seconds (when using a tripod to take a low light shot of the moon for instance) to 1/8000th of a second and sometimes more (did you know, humans blink in 1/3 of a second so it gives you an idea of how fast a cameras shutter speed really is) At low shutter speeds, you risk the object being blurred, especially if moving fast as by time your camera has finished closing the shutter the object is in a slightly different position to where it was when it opened. At higher shutter speeds, it pretty much eliminates blurry photos but brings with it another problem, dark photos. If the camera is set to use a high aperture and a fast shutter speed, that means even less light gets into the sensor resulting in a very dark (if not black) photo.

ISO is how sensitive the sensor is to light, however this also brings problems with it. At a low ISO you get some stunning photos, especially in good sunshine, but if there is no sunshine you have to increase the sensor so that it can "see" more light and this brings what is known as "noise" to your photos more commonly known as grainy or fuzzy. Whilst a higher ISO can snap objects at a lower F-Stop at higher shutter speeds in low light, it will make the photo look very "noisy" and not very appealing to the eye.

These three things have to work together and in cloudy weather it can be very difficult for them to work seamlessly with each other. To demonstrate how this all comes together, I have taken some test shots below:

- This photo was taken at a shutter speed of 1/125th of a second, with an ISO of 320 and a higher aperture of F/5.6 - Photo - As you can see, pointing the lens directly at the light at these settings makes the light bulb look like a giant blob with no detail what so ever as it is letting too much light in, but the camera has also captured the light reflecting off the walls in the background as well.

- This photo uses the same aperture and ISO but a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second - Photo - The bulb is slightly more detailed in some areas and there is a lot less light reflecting off the walls as the camera doesn't have enough time to "capture" it all.

- This photo uses the same aperture and ISO but the shutter speed is set at 1/8000th of a second - Photo - The bulb in this is crystal clear as the camera only has enough time and sensitivity to "capture" the brightest part of the bulb.

- This photo uses the same shutter speed as above but an aperture of F/4.5 and an ISO of a whooping 5000 - Photo - The bulb again looks like a giant blob where as you can see the light reflecting off the walls. However, everything in the photo appears to be very grainy due to the high ISO and the amount of "noise" in the photo.

- This photo uses an aperture of F/32 a shutter speed of 1/8000th of a second and an ISO of 125. The light bulb is barely visible due to the very high aperture letting almost nothing but the brightest source of light in. This photo however uses the same aperture and shutter speed but the ISO is set to a very high 6400 resulting in the light bulb being more visible but the photo being very noisy.

I hope that these sample photos have given you a better understanding of how cameras work. A lot of people who have never done any type of Photography think it is easy and requires little skill. It actually requires a lot more skill than many people think and you also have to have a tremendous amount of patience. Light is constantly changing and you have to change the camera settings to reflect this, you also have to be quick about it and pretty much know instantly what settings you need for the current lighting conditions.
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